Guy Williams, Jr.

Born into a show business family, Guy Williams, Jr. learned his way around a studio lot by the time he was walking. His dad was the well-known star of Walt Disney’s Zorro and Irwin Allen’s Lost In Space, and his mother was a top John Robert Powers Model. He started his career so early that the wardrobe call for his acting debut was diapers. When he was old enough to realize he was building a career, he began formal training. Drama under the renowned Estelle Harman; fencing, which his dad had started teaching him at the age of five; speech; martial arts; skiing; SCUBA (certified); flying (licensed pilot); and music (piano & guitar).

He worked for 24 years as a model in print ads and as an actor in commercials for which he was known particularly for his authority and credibility. Then, with this impressive list of credits, he decided to explore a career in the world of politics to satisfy his intellectual curiosity and education. After several years of success in that field, during which he served as a press representative and spokes person, he chose to resume his career and reactivate his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) membership.

At present, among his other endeavors, he represents his late father at memorabilia conventions and enjoys meeting his dad’s many fans. He says "My Dad was the greatest and I miss him. But he is never really far, especially when I talk with those who also love him and appreciate his work. His fans are just the best!"

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