Zorro Visual Computing creates 2D and 3D digital effects for motion picture film and television using state-of-the-art Silicon Graphics (SGI) computers and the most advanced 2D and 3D software packages available. Our SGI-based UNIX software includes Alias/Wavefront's Maya, 3D Power Animator, 3D Power Modeler, VizPaint, and Professional Composer; Xaos Tools; Lightwave 3D and Lightwave Modeler; TV Paint; Pandemonium; nTitle; Elastic Reality; LFX; No Strings; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We also utilize several "WinTel" NT-based products such as Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects (Professional Version), Lightwave (NT), Boris FX, Puffin Designs Lens Flare Pro, Ulead MediaStudio Pro...

3D Animation
3D Photo-realistic Objects
3D Particles (water, smoke, fire, sparks, hair, fur...)
3D Flying Logos
Titles / Credits
Morphs and Warps
Digital Compositing and Rotoscoping
High Quality Custom Scene Transitions
Traveling Animated Mattes
Digital Motion Stabilization
Digital Motion Tracking/Matching
Wire and Gate Scratch Removal
Electrical Effects / Lightning
Explosions and Fires

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