Zorro Visual Computing brings Hollywood Motion Picture
digital imagery and special effects to the Internet.
Zorro Visual Computing (ZVC) is now creating—the next generation of computer generated imagery (CGI) for the Internet using its state-of-the-art Silicon Graphics (SGI) hardware running high-end UNIX-based 3D digital imaging, modeling, animation, and compositing software. We believe that the same digital imagery tools we use for Hollywood are a natural for web content development because people are demanding sites that are real attention grabbers. We use the same UNIX software packages running on the same Silicon Graphics hardware that have produced imagery and effects for almost every current motion picture and television production employing CGI, including Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Forrest Gump, Batman (all), Star Trek (all), and Babylon 5. Our software includes Alias/Wavefront's Maya, Composer Pro, 3D Power Animator, and 3D Power Modeler for SGI / NewTek's Lightwave 3D and 3D Modeler for SGI / AVID's Elastic Reality, LFX, and No Strings for SGI / Xaos Tools Pandemonium, nTitle, and TV Paint for SGI / Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for SGI and PC / Impulse's Imagine 3D (a powerful rendering and animation tool for PC) / Macromedia Director Studio and Flash -- and we put it all together in HTML, VRML and JAVA for the web using SGI's WebFORCE and several Windows95 & NT-based packages.

Although ZVC creates web sites from the ground up, we also provide graphic elements for other web designers and existing sites.

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